Saturday, October 16, 2010

Skype Interview - A Smashing Success!

Yesterday evening, October 15, was the scheduled Skype interview with author Helen Simonson for Kathy Patrick's upcoming show Beauty and the Book. (The premiere episode will be unveiled at the 2011 Girlfriend Weekend!)

Several of the regular Red River PQ's were unavailable for the interview, however, Queens Connie, Judy, and Leslie were on hand to join me for almost an hour as the Skype conversation was being recorded.

Author Helen Simonson of Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, was such a team player and provided detailed and informative answers to our Queens' many interesting questions. It was exciting to find out that Helen will, indeed, be participating in the 2011 Girlfriend Weekend! So everyone get your books ready to be signed!!

I thank you very much to the ladies who participated, to Helen Simonson for humoring us through all of our questions and camera issues, and to Queen Kathy Patrick for allowing us such a great opportunity!

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