Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To Kill A Mockingbird with the RRPQ

On Tuesday, November 16, Queen Carey, Queen Michelle, and her mother (and potential member) Debbie attended the matinee screening at the Robinson Film Center of the classic To Kill A Mockingbird starring the one and only Gregory Peck...the theater was packed. We were there from the beginning when Scout went rolling inside of a tire onto the Radley's front steps all the way to the end, when Scout, dressed in a ham costume watched her brother be saved by the likes of Boo Radley himself (Robert Duvall's first acting role). Afterwards we attended the luncheon upstairs in Abby Singer's Bistro where we dined on roast beef, sweet potatoes, green beans, and yummy brownies...a true Southern feast in more ways than one. For more photos see RRPQ Photos on the sidebar.

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