Thursday, July 8, 2010

5 Years Later, More Great Reads

Just like the Saints winning the Super Bowl or the oil spill crises, Hurricane Katrina is an event that Louisianans are not likely to ever forget. We are leading up to the 5 year anniversary of this natural AND man-made disaster this August. So it is only fitting that the Pulpwood Queens book club pays its respects by reading some of the outstanding bodies of work that capture the essence of human tragedy and rebirth.

My friend and author Tom Piazza (he is also one of the writers for the HBO post-Katrina series Treme), posted a fantastic article link on Facebook that discusses book clubs' selections for commemorating the Katrina anniversary. To be specific, the article lists some essentials of a Hurricane Katrina library:

- City of Refuge by Tom Piazza (historical fiction)
- 1 Dead In Attic by Chris Rose (non-fiction)
- Nine Lives by Dan Baum (non-fiction that reads as fiction)
- Zeitoun by Dave Eggars (the Pulpwood Queens August selection, now in paperback)
and more...

I plan to attempt to put together a full Katrina reading list for the August meeting for anyone who wants to explore the topic further.

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